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All email readings are priced the same regardless of modality or level of psychic concentration required (i.e. past lives take a greater level of focus than taking a look into a current love relationship). Every email reading includes free follow-up questions after its completion, and is approximately 3 to 4 pages in length (single-spaced typed in 12 pt font in a Word document – which is transferred into the body of an email for you). Psychic email readings can address all issues of the heart and spirit; including love and relationships, career, finances, life path, past lives, past loves, friendships, family relationships/issues, and much more. SPECIAL NOTE: LISA CAZA DOES NOT READ INTO ANY TYPE OF HEALTH CONCERN! SHE IS NOT A DOCTOR AND WILL REFUSE ALL HEALTH-RELATED QUESTIONS. SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY HEALTH CONCERNS PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR.

Psychic Lisa Caza email psychic readings telephone psychic readingsRemember all email psychic readings include clarification/follow-up questions that will be answered at no additional cost to you (*Please note: your follow-up questions MUST be submitted NO LATER than 7 days after your reading. After 7 days, if you wish for questions to be answered, a new psychic reading must be ordered). Expect your completed email reading within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment and your submission of questions/concerns.

If you wish to have your email psychic readings in half the time (12 to 24 hours), Lisa Caza DOES offer this service at an additional charge of $20. The extra charge puts you “ahead” of other folks who may be “waiting in line.” *This service is only offered with regular email readings (*excludes all specialty tarot/oracle readings).

NOTE: No email psychic readings are performed/sent on weekends and holidays. Therefore, please expect weekend/holiday reading requests to be completed on the next immediate business day.

Set price for ALL regular email readings: $45

Regular email readings with “Express Delivery” selected: $65

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