Fast Track Email Psychic Readings

Don’t need a full email psychic reading service today but still have a question or two that needs some quick and to the point answers? Order a Fast Track Query Email Psychic Reading.

Psychic Readings by Psychic Lisa Caza - email psychic reading

A Fast Track Query is a special email psychic reading that is reserved for those times where you may not require a full in-depth psychic reading with explanations, suggestions on how to proceed, etc – where you only need a few simple questions answered very simply. Fast Track Queries are delivered directly to your email in-box just like a regular email reading, and you can expect to receive your response relatively quickly as compared to a more in-depth email reading. While email readings generally take 24 to 48 hours, Fast Track Queries can take about half the time. You should expect to hear from Lisa within 12 to 24 hours – with the blunt answers you are needing.

Fast Track Queries are priced per question – and you can have one or two questions answered more quickly and bluntly – without needing those full explanations and in-depth messages. PLEASE NOTE: FAST TRACK QUERIES DO NOT GIVE THE QUERIENT THE OPTION OF ASKING FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS AFTER VIEWING THEIR READING. ONLY REGULAR EMAIL READINGS OFFER THIS SPECIAL SERVICE ( which is free of charge). If you wish to have a full regular reading please go to the main email psychic reading order page

When you make your PayPal/credit card payment, you will be provided with an optional comment box on your payment screen. Please fill out your name, date of birth, the questions you would like answered and a brief outline of the situation needing the read. If the reading involves another person(s), please include their first names and dates of birth as well. Thank you, and brightest blessings to you all! Please note: you do NOT require a PayPal account in order to purchase a reading – just any major credit card!

PLEASE NOTE: These are for very quick and short readings only and are definitely not in-depth. They are meant to give simple answers with no need for expansion, explanations, or guidance. You can submit up to 2 questions, and as mentioned your answers will be sent to you within 12-24 hours. If this is not adhered to by a querient, Lisa will be refunding them their payment, or conversely requesting that they purchase a full reading.