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Become a Divine Manifestation Master!

Introducing Lisa Caza’s unique and comprehensive Law of Attraction course

“Dear Lisa, I have only read the first 7 pages of the course guide but I totally resonate with the way you present the information.  I have been reading and attending spiritual information and classes for about 30 years now and I finally feel that this coursework will allow me to define and manifest my personal goals.  I’m digging in and looking forward to all of it!” – Donna

You know, I am so sick and tired of seeing all of these countless different Law of Attraction courses being offered online that don’t even cover all that they should. And not to mention how time and again I see courses that are “free” to join, but then the teachers will try to hook, line and sinker students by trying to offer them “special course materials” that would “greatly enhance and/or add to” the course being offered. But of course the catch is that the student has to pay additional fees for that “special material.” WHY?!?!?!? Why can’t everything be included in the course? Do the teachers not realize a lot of the students going to these courses are trying to create financial abundance?! If they’re trying for that goal, well good Lord they can’t afford what the teachers want out of them!!!

I believe the last straw for me was when I came across one of those “free” Law of Attraction courses not too long ago. I figured, “Why not? It’s free.” Well, I enrolled … but … for pete sake SIX TIMES throughout the registration process they tried to get me to purchase extra material! Every time I said, “no thanks” I would get hit with another offer – and each time each offer was more expensive than the last! The first offer was $19, but by the time I made it to the sixth one we were looking at a whopping $500!!!!! Furthermore, once I did register … finally … I got bombarded with email after email trying to get me to purchase additional course materials. Wait though I’m not done here … what pushed me way over the edge was when I still didn’t accept any of those offers, the teacher progressed to send me a video basically asking why I and other people don’t accept the offers – and then proceeded to state: “What is your life worth to you? What are your loved ones and friends worth to you? Priceless right? Well, these offers are priceless in themselves. How can you NOT afford to accept these offers?” I basically lost my mind at that point …

Which brings me into saying, this is the reason for my having created my OWN Law of Attraction course. I’ve had enough of people trying to dig into the wallets of others who are just simply looking for direction, guidance and knowledge. My course, “Become a Divine Manifestation Master” is COMPLETE in that I will be covering concepts that many other teachers don’t even talk about (and of which I believe are essential in working with the Law of Attraction SUCCESSFULLY). And I won’t be “hiding” the material from you or using that hook, line and sinker tactic! Nope. This course is all-inclusive. No hidden agendas. No hidden costs. No bombardments of email after email. Enough of that crap! Right? LOL! But I will say though is that this also means that the course is nothing truly “fancy” or high-tech. There are also no “workbooks” or the likes because I seriously feel that they are not even necessary!

The “Become a Divine Manifestation Master” Course will be delivered to you via a .pdf booklet, as well as audio. So you have the option of either reading the material, or just simply sitting back to listen to my annoying voice LOL! Aside from the course material itself, as a student you will also receive unlimited email support for the entire time that you are actively working with the Law of Attraction, as well as one free telephone (or Skype voice) consultation each month for 3 months (** email & telephone/Skype consults are STRICTLY for folks who require help with some aspect of the course itself. They are NOT for psychic readings at all).

Here are the concepts that will be discussed in the course:

  • Law of Attraction Basic Introduction
    • Like Attracts Like
    • Take Ownership of Your Life
    • Stay Positive
    • Being Careful How You Word Affirmations
    • Attitude & Belief Is Everything
    • Being Thankful
    • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Limiting Beliefs & Reprogramming the Mind
    • Affirmations to Assist in Reprogramming the Mind (will be a separate audio file for you to listen to whenever needed)
  • Remember That Attitude is Everything
    • Meditation to Help Reprogram Your Mind, Regain Positive Thoughts & Attitude (will be a separate audio file for you to listen to whenever needed)
  • Don’t Idly Wait for Miracles – Take Action!
    • Ask for Opportunities, Help & Direction From Your Angels and Guides
    • Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides (will be a separate audio file for you to listen to whenever needed)
    • A Special Note Specifically About Animal Totems
    • Listen To & Follow Your Intuition and Divine Guidance
    • Nurture Yourself: Self Love & Pursuing Interests
    • Change Your Search Methods & Criteria
    • Eliminating Restrictions
  • Special Section: Finding That Special Life Love Partner
    • Create Change Before Divine Steps In
    • Ignore & Overcome Fears
    • Have Patience With Yourself and Your Processes
    • Change Your Search Methods & Criteria
    • Let Go & Forgive Yourself and Others
  • BONUS MATERIAL (As mentioned – NO COST! It is ALREADY included in the course!)
    • Get Rid of Negative Energy and Protect Your Positive Energy Field
      • Learning How to See Auras Exercise
      • Cleansing Your Energetic Field of Negative Energy Ritual
      • Meditation to Clear Away Residual Negativity and Protect From Further Negativity (will be a separate audio file for you to listen to whenever needed)
    • Seizing Opportunities to Create LoA Synchronicity
    • Numerology – Just the Basics Needed (Life Path & Personal Year Numbers)

      • Added Bonus Regarding Numerology: Article: Lisa’s Major Numerology Discovery (You’ll be surprised with this one!)
    • Becoming Aware of Your Past Lives
    • Visionboards and The Use of Gemstones
    • The Effects of Color in Your Life; Using Color to Assist Manifestation
    • A Brief Guide to Reading Tarot and/or Oracle Cards

I bet that many folks didn’t realize that working with such concepts as spirit guides and numerology for example is a part of working with the Law of Attraction successfully. But it’s so true – and again I just do NOT understand why NO ONE even really offers this information in their courses. You will also notice throughout the course material that, just like my psychic readings, I am quite blunt and to the point. I don’t beat around the bush; I just don’t waste any time and I get right to the main focus – so it’s good for you in that you don’t have to go through a lot of needless reading/listening.

The written material is done, and it is 44 pages in length. The audio is a total of just over 3 and a half hours – just the course material itself. That isn’t including the four separate meditations that are likewise included!

I do have to charge just a small fee – just for basically the work I’ve put into it for everyone. The cost of my ‘Become a Divine Manifestation Master” course is a mere $65.00 (which is less than what you’d pay for a 30-minute phone reading – and is equal to only 1 email reading!).

  • The Become a Divine Manifestation Master Course in full written form in .pdf format
  • The Become a Divine Manifestation Master Course in full in audio form; made into 4 separate audio files (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • 4 different meditations within their own SEPARATE audio files for you to listen to whenever needed.
  • Unlimited email support for so long as you are using the Law of Attraction! (starting once all course materials are received by you).
  • One free telephone or Skype voice consult each month for 3 months (starting once all course materials are received by you).

When you enroll in the course, you will receive an email notification that will give you a password and webpage link that will take you to a password-protected “Student Area” on my website here where you will be able to download all of the course material (audio and .pdf files). But please be patient in receiving the email! As mentioned, nothing high-tech or fancy here. So all emails are manually answered by me personally. Nothing is automated.

It is my sincere desire that my Law of Attraction course, “Become a Divine Manifestation Master,” will finally help people to get on track more successfully with their manifestation work – and in an honest and ethical way as opposed to other courses seen out there today. And I genuinely look forward to helping all of you reach your ultimate manifestation goals!

If you have problems with the PayPal button below, please send me an email at and I will send you an invoice instead!

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