Memberships Offered by Lisa Caza

Over the course of countless years, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks return to me time and again for insight, guidance, and advice. Sometimes though, I hate to say this (and this just might make me stick my own foot in my mouth), but I’ve likewise noticed that many of those returning folks are spending just way too much money on me! I didn’t like the feeling that this knowledge gave me – and I can never just turn a person away no matter how upset they might be. So I asked for my own guidance from my spirit guides and Divine. The answer I received: “Offer memberships!”

Now, understandably memberships will probably mainly appeal to repeat clientele. And I have done my best to help you try to save some of your hard-earned money (because God knows I am unfortunately all-too-familiar with financial stresses!).

All memberships, regardless of level, will give you the following:

  • Unlimited FREE email readings and one FREE 30-minute telephone reading every membership term
  • Unlimited communications (follow-ups, updates, etc.) every membership term
  • When requesting an email reading, you’ll receive VIP top priority status over all other email reading requests (treated like Express Deliveries)
  • A free e-book copy of my book “Finding Paradise After the Storm”

Before getting into the costs and different membership options, I would just like to show you some of the savings that you’ll get. Realize that just ONE 1- hour telephone reading equals a 1-month’s membership subscription (1 hour on the phone is $150)! TWO 1-hour telephone readings are double that! Furthermore, as another example of savings, 4 regular email readings even surpass the 1-hour reading and 1-month membership cost (i.e. $45 per email x 4 = $180). So essentially, if you were to normally purchase a 1-hour phone reading plus a regular email reading within the same month, you’d be spending MORE than what a full month’s membership costs … and without any of the membership benefits!!!

There are 2 different membership options; both of which are recurring subscriptions. Here is what I can offer everyone, and I honestly do hope that this will help you all:

1 Month Membership – $150
1 Year Membership – $1800 (even more savings of an additional $300)

There are also 4 “hidden” memberships that are not listed here, but are reserved for those who like to think really long-term. If you are interested in a more long-term contract, I also now offer a 3 year, 5 year, 10 year and also a Lifetime Membership. Please email me directly to inquire.

So without further ado, if you wish to purchase a membership and save, please choose below the best membership subscription suited for you.

Membership Options

***Memberships can be cancelled at any time, however we cannot grant full refunds. To make things all fair, as a result the subscription service will run until the end of the original billing period.