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The Outer Limits of Inner Truth

Outer Limits of Inner Truth RadioThis extremely popular and nationally-syndicated show is about deep introspection on fascinating people & discussions of this era in human history. Each show which focuses on a person and not a discussion is called a “Chapter” and at the end of the interview, the interviewee receives a handwriting analysis, psychic reading, astrological chart reading, and past life regression reading.

The Virtues are both gifted & skilled individuals who each provide a specific insight on a featured guest on “The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth.” The Virtues expertise’ are: Psychic Insight, Hand Writing Analysis, Past Life Regression & Astrology. At conclusion of the interview part of each Chapter, each of the Virtues offer their insight.

Lisa Caza is one such Virtue. Below is a LIMITED list of archived shows – which is updated on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. To view all past shows, please visit the show link: Outer Limits of Inner Truth

*Note: For the Jeffrey Gurian show, Lisa did not appear on air but instead provided a one-on-one private email consultation with and for Mr. Gurian!

Here are a few of many other countless shows Lisa Caza has appeared on:



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