Testimonials by Past Clients for Expert Psychic Lisa Caza

Lisa Caza with her fur-angels Max & Sheba
Lisa Caza with her fur-angels Max & Sheba


Here you will find just a few of the many countless testimonials from clients that Lisa Caza has received over the past 20 years.

Lisa did a mediumship reading for my daughter a few weeks back and she relayed on a few messages from my father that recently passed. A lot of it was bang on … and gave me comfort. But what I wanted to say is a very huge huge HUGE thank you to Lisa because one message was about my brother. She said that she had a huge concern for him and his health and that we needed to watch after/take care of him because he isn’t doing as well as what he is letting us believe. That he’s putting on a “brave front” for the rest of the family by hiding his health worries. I told my brother this and that night he drove himself to the hospital. When he got there, his blood pressure was sky high and he had a heart attack right there. It was Lisa’s message that I shared with him that actually made him drive himself to that hospital. If it wasn’t for Lisa and the message that she gave, we all fully believe that he would have had that heart attack at home and would have died. So Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart – from my whole family. You just saved my brother’s life. Love you and you have the most amazing gift. Never stop sharing and helping. Love Heather.

My wife had a reading from you and loved it. She really thinks you help save our marriage so that I thank you very much. Joseph.

Thank you Lisa for your beautiful words you really are an angel with a powerful spirit thank you! I have passed your info on to some of my friends I think you may be doing a reading for one of them soon! Xxxx you deserve all the success that comes to you …

It was amazing to have your reading about the house on the lake. You described the place exactly! I had to share that with my sister and she was literally bowled over. And in experiencing the energy of your response it got me to thinking about how I’ve had this attraction to water. And this house that’s for sale seems like a rare opportunity – I think I’ll go for it then! Thank you so much for your reading and your incredibly uncanny accuracy! Best regards always, Dave

I just wanted to send a quick note to Lisa to thank her for my latest reading. I must admit I began to cry when I read it, I am so thankful I came across your website back in March!! Much love, Corrina

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